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Customizing Roman Blinds

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One nice thing about Roman blinds is that they can be customized to fit the other décor in your home. For instance, if you are making your own pillows, with a certain type of fabric, then you could easily create custom blinds with the same fabric and match the pattern to create a beautiful room that matches perfectly. Roman blinds are made of fabric which makes them easy to customize if you create your own. Also, you can often find room sets together that include the pillow shams, roman blinds, sheets and other décor in the room.

Roman blinds can be customized in other ways as well. Perhaps you don’t want to match the décor of the room, but instead want to make an eclectic statement. This can include tapering the ends of so that they come to a point or a half circle and adding gold fringe at the bottom.  The drawback to customizing the shape is that you may not be able to cover the window completely, which can make it difficult for privacy. That’s why customization in this way is not recommended for the bedroom or bathroom windows.
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Another idea for customizing your roman blinds is to have them made or make them yourself for your kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen features a large amount of stainless steel fixtures then you may want roman blinds that match that stainless steel color. If your kitchen is mahogany or oak, then you may be able to find a pattern of fabric that closely matches the grain of the wood.  This will add a style to your kitchen like no other and will make your kitchen the talking point of your home.

Perhaps the most intriguing idea of all is to customize your roman blinds with something like photos of your family. These days photographs can be screen printed onto almost any fabric, and having roman blinds with your pets picture on them, or your children may make your roman blinds into a certain decorating success. There are so many different ways to customize that you are sure to find the perfect way to complement the rest of your home with them. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of uniqueness with the blinds themselves.
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