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Different Shades of Roman Blinds


Many different types of roman blinds exist, and trying to decide which to buy is often a difficult decision. We’ll go over some of the common types that you can find in stores. First, is the patterned style. These type of roman blinds generally have some sort of pattern on the fabric whether it be contemporary or traditional. Patterned styles are all about your personal taste and what type of pattern you prefer, or what works best with your décor.

Another popular type are the stripe patterns. These type of roman blinds usually feature small vertical stripes that are difficult to see up close. One of the major benefits of these type of blinds is that they can let in light through some of the stripes and are opaque on the others, which makes for a very nice way to let in the light. These type of striped roman blinds are quite popular with modern decorators because they feature more of a traditional look. You can find striped roman blinds in silk, canvas or many other materials.

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If your decorating scheme happens to go along the new age or Asian path then you may want to consider the weave type. These have woven fabrics and feature grass and linen like materials which can make for a very Asian look if that is what you are going trying to achieve. Also this is great for the island look, featuring Polynesian looks like bamboo or other South Pacific decorating schemes. If your decorating pattern is any of these styles then the tans and browns of this style may be perfect for you.

If you have two or more colors in your decorating theme then you may want to consider roman blinds with alternating panels. This allows you to use two or more colors, to accent the décor in your home. For instance, if your color scheme is browns and tans then a tope and olive green may be perfect. There are many different style of roman blinds and you are sure to find exactly what you want. Shop online or at a large fabric store if you are making your own. There are so many different types of fabric and colors to choose from that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect roman blinds.

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