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Make Roman Blinds


Roman blinds are a beautiful addition to any home, and while you may not be able to afford to buy high quality roman blinds for your entire house, you may be able to spend the money to make your own.  Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Even if you just have a little sewing experience, you’ll likely be able to complete contemporary set of roman blinds, and with practice make your home beautifully adorned with roman blinds on every window. The basics will be covered here, so that you can begin working on some straight away.

Roman blinds can be more structured, with wooden poles fitting between the slats to provide structure and support when they are raised, of they can be completely made of fabric, and therefore contain no solid parts in the fabric. Most are fitted to a dust board which contains the string and pulley system for pulling them up. This is simply a 1 x 3 inch piece of wood, with the fabric fitted around it and stapled, and the pulley workings screwed onto the wood. Then the strings are attached, which will pull and release them. Your board will be cut to the appropriate length.
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Making the dust board is simply the first part. Then you have to make the roman blinds themselves. If you want to make the slatted kind, simply measure out your fabric to the length that you want each slat, and add an extra ½ to ¾ of an inch to each slat. Then you will fold that ½ to ¾ inch slat so that it makes a closed piece of fabric for the wooden piece that fits in your roman blinds. The slats don’t need to be a specific length, but most people make them about four to six inches. If you are following a pattern then the instructions should tell you.

If you are making straight fabric roman blinds then the process is almost the same as for the slatted kind, except they will have the fold on the side facing you (when the roman blinds are hung) and the fabric kind will have the fold on the inside, to make the pleat. Sew these pieces so that they close themselves off and create a fabric loop. The slatted kind will contain the wooden poles, while the fabric will simply create the pleat. Follow the instructions on your pattern and you can make your own set of roman blinds and be the envy of your neighbors.
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